Exhibitor’s Guide Book 2021

The Exhibitor’s Guide Book 2021 is available as a single PDF file here or divided into sections. Printed copies are available from the Fair Office at (707) 895-3011. To download and view a specific section, click on the section name below. To download the entire book as one file, click here. Note: you will need a program to view PDF files, Windows users may need to install Adobe Reader Mac users should be able to view these pages in Preview, and users of Linux or BSD systems may need to install a PDF viewer from their distribution’s package repository. If you have any questions, consult the section “How to Enter The Fair” or call the office at the above number.

Entry Forms are available here, or by calling the fair office.

Front Pages
How To Enter The Fair
Statement of Exhibit Principles
Local Rules
Senior Livestock–Beef Cattle
Senior Livestock–Dairy Goats
Senior Livestock–Sheep
Jackpot Boer Goat Show
Jackpot Open Swine Show
Senior Livestock–California National Wool
Senior Livestock–Horse Show
Senior Livestock–Sheep Dog Trials
Feature Exhibits
Agriculture & Horticulture–Fruits & Vegetables
Agriculture & Horticulture–Deciduous Fruits/Apples
Agriculture & Horticulture–Deciduous Fruits/Grape
Agriculture & Horticulture–Other Deciduous Fruits
Agriculture & Horticulture – Contests & Competitions
Floriculture–Garden Feature Exhibits
Home Arts–Baking and Confections
Home Arts–Preserved Foods
Home Arts–Clothing & Textiles
Home Arts–Tole Painting and Decorative Painting
Fiber Arts
Fine Arts
Fine Arts–Wood and Metal
Fine Arts–Photography
Junior Department
Junior Livestock–4-H & FFA Horse Show
Junior Livestock–Beef Cattle
Junior Livestock–Dairy Cattle
Junior Livestock–Swine
Junior Livestock–Dairy Goats
Junior Livestock–Pygmy Goats
Junior Livestock–Sheep
Junior Livestock–Wool Show
Junior Livestock–Poultry
Junior Livestock–Rabbits
Junior Livestock–Cavy
Junior Livestock–Dog Care & Training
Junior Livestock–Showmanship
Junior Livestock–Round Robin
Junior Feature Exhibits
Future Farmers of America
4-H Club
4-H Clothing & Textiles
4-H Baked Goods & Preserved Foods
4-H Home Arts
4-H Photography
4-H Arts and Crafts
Other Junior Projects
Other Junior Projects–Baked Goods & Preserved Foods
Other Junior Projects–Clothing & Textiles
Other Junior Projects–Home Arts
Junior Fiber Arts
Other Junior Projects–Floriculture
Other Junior Projects–Arts & Crafts