Board of Directors

2019 Board Of Directors                                                         Staff

Wayne Hiatt, President                                                       Jim Brown, CEO
Craig Titus, Vice-President                                      
Eva Johnson, Treasurer                                                      Gina Pardini, Business Assistant
Jack Lindsay Clow
Morgan Baynham
Cecilia Pardini
Jay Newcomer

The Board of Directors typically meet on the second Monday of each month. See next Agenda below.  For a copy of any Minutes, please email request and specify the month’s minutes you would like and how/where you would like to receive them (email, snail mail, pick up in office).


If you have any questions,  or 895-3011.  Those persons wishing to attend the meeting and who may require special accommodations pursuant to the provision of the Americans with Disabilities Act are requested to contact the office of the Mendocino County Fair and Apple Show at the number above, at least five working days prior to the meeting to insure the proper arrangements can be made.